Recipes with Juicer Pulp

What to Do With Pulp From a Juicer

Juice extractor and carrot
Juice extractor and carrot juice

Juicing is a great way to improve your nutrient intake! However, the act of extracting juice from fruits and vegetables means that significant quantities of fibrous pulp are left over from the process. Some people prefer to put the pulp in the trash and others like to use it as compost, but a growing trend involves using the pulp in recipes for cakes and muffins. This ensures that every part of your fresh produce is used without resorting to wasting any. You don’t need special recipes with juicer pulp, but rather, think creatively about existing recipes you have and how you can adapt them.


Recipes with juicer pulp are easier to make than you might think. If you like carrot cake, you can use the carrot pulp from your juicing to create a delicious carrot cake. You would usually need to grate up some carrot to add to the other cake ingredients, but you don’t need to do this if you have carrot pulp on hand from your juicing.

You don’t need to confine yourself just to carrot cake either. Plain tea cakes can be turned into fruit tea cakes with the addition of fruit pulp. All that is required is to place an initial layer of fruit pulp onto the bottom of your cake pan, evenly spread, prior to adding the tea cake batter. This is an ideal juice pulp recipe and apple or pineapple pulp works very well for tea cakes. The cake batter cooks into the fruit pulp layer and when the cake is done, you simply turn it out onto a wire rack to cool and invert it so that the bottom of the cake with the fruit pulp now becomes the top of the cake for serving.

Fruit Ices

In hot weather, you can make ice blocks or cubes out of the fruit pulp. These make a healthy snack for adults and children in the hot weather. The fruit pulp ice cubes are also a great way to keep your fruit punch cooled and can add a lot of flavor and texture to plain iced water.


Another juice pulp recipe involves muffins and these small baked delights lend themselves perfectly to using fruit and vegetable pulp. A plain muffin mixture can be turned into a variety of inventive creations with the addition of pulp, nuts and spices. For example, a little carrot and ginger pulp makes a savory muffin, while apple and cinnamon make a sweet muffin. The pulp from berries is ideal for mixing into muffins and they are always a popular option. Finely chopped nuts, such as walnuts or pecans also add another textural element and blend well with carrot pulp and cinnamon.


There’s no need to throw out all your fruit pulp from juicing because you can use it for baking projects and you can freeze it.  If you really want to increase the value of your fresh produce and like the idea of recycling the pulp, start thinking about the recipes with juicer pulp.  They are only as far away as your creativity!

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