Omega NC800 Juicer Review

Omega NC800 Juicer

If you are familiar with Omega juicers, you will notice that the Omega NC800 Juicer is essentially a new improved version of the J8000 series, such as the J8003, J8004, J8005, J8006 Omega masticating juicers. The Omega NC800 has been designed as a horizontal masticating juicer with a multi-stage extraction process.

Like other masticating juicers, this Omega juicer works at a slow motor speed. This is how oxidation, heat build-up and excessive foam is prevented from forming in the juice. If juicing leafy greens forms part of your juicing regimen, the Omega can manage them with ease and is particularly well suited to fine produce such as wheatgrass.

In addition to producing an excellent yield, the juicer can also be used to make other natural food items such as baby food, healthy snacks such as pure fruit ice creams, as well as nut butters, soy and almond milk.

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Features of the Omega NC800 Juicer

Design – a horizontal juicer, silver in color with continuous juicing and automatic ejection of pulp
Type – masticating juicer
Motor – features an 80 RPM rotation speed that is typical of masticating juicers. The low speed ensures that foam does not form in the juice and also prevents oxidation and heating of the juice.
Extraction – features a ‘Dual Stage’ extraction process whereby produce is tightly compressed and then ground and pressed via the auger.
Feed Chute – is wider than the upright Omega masticating juicers and means less chopping and preparation time for users
Juice Yield – is high as evidenced by the resultant dry pulp
Settings – there are 5 adjustable settings available and you can use these in conjunction with the various produce types for maximum juice output.
Pulp – is dry, indicating efficient performance of the juicer and a high juice yield. This is a good thing because you will receive good value from your produce.
Juice Quality – is good with high output and little or no foam. There is also very little or no pulp evident.
Cleaning – is easy. Customers really liked this feature and felt it made a difference to their motivation to juice on a regular basis.
Inclusions – 6 x nozzles and 2 x juicing screens


  • Measures: 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches
     Weighs: 20 pounds
    Item No: NC800 HDS
    Warranty: 15 Years

What’s Great About the Omega NC800 Juicer?

  • Very easy to clean
  • The screen area is small and it’s easy to remove pulp from
  • Parts are wide which helps with ease of cleaning
  • Comes with a reverse button
  • Has a 15 year warranty
  • Well designed
  • Great value for regular juicing
  • Excellent juice quality
  • Doesn’t clog or jam up with produce
  • Operates quietly
  • Little or no foam
  • Juices leafy greens very easily
  • Comes with 5 juice output settings
  • Widder feed chute than vertical masticating Omega Juicers
  • Pulp is dry, indicating efficient juicing performance

What’s Not So Great

It’s necessary to use the ‘pusher’ rather than rely on self-feeding for propelling produce down the feed chute. This did not result in customers having a bad opinion of the juicer.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

The Omega NC800 Juicer is rated very highly by customers. Things they like about it include its easy clean features, quiet operation, horizontal design, juice output and quality, wide feed chute, reverse button, as well as the addition of five output settings. Customers are also impressed with the 15 year warranty. To read more about what customers have to say, you can read their reviews here.


The Omega NC800 Juicer is available on Amazon and you can find their most competitive price for it here. Customers like the horizontal aspect of the Omega masticating juicer as well as the wider feed tube however the best feature was its easy to clean functionality. As one customer pointed out, the fast clean up makes a difference between juicing and not juicing. In my opinion, based on the price, the reputation of Omega Juicers, the capability of this machine  and the tremendous feedback from customers, this juicer is highly recommended.

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Instructions for Use of the NC800