Omega J8007S Juicer Review

If you thought juicing was just another diet fad then do yourself a favor and think again. The number of juicing machines currently on the market clearly indicates otherwise and then again, there are serious health benefits to consider. The Omega J8007S (Amazon link) is a serious masticating juicer that produces significant quantities of juice from the fruits and vegetables you put through it.

If you can afford this juicer, you’ll find it will soon pay for itself as it can also produce nut butters and milks, snacks for babies, as well as ice cream – natural of course. As for juices, the slow revolutions of a masticating juicer ensures maximum juice extraction with low oxidation and heat build-up (which can negatively affect the nutritional value of the juice).

Omega J8007s Juicer

From wheatgrass to leafy vegetables such as kale, to hard and soft fruits and vegetables, the Omega J8007S extracts lots of juice leaving behind almost dry pulp. That’s how you can tell your juicer is doing its job properly.

Why Buy the Product?

It’s a great juicer and an investment in your health. Besides, it comes with great features as well as a fifteen-year warranty. You also get to be creative as you design your own juice combinations of fruits and vegetables. The Omega juicer can handle it all and you can rest easy knowing that the juice will be free from added sugars and preservatives in the juice.

In addition to the excellent warranty, you also receive the benefit of more juice and less waste due to the 80 RPM rotation speed complete with automatic pulp ejection. A juicing screen and six nozzles complete the package. It should be noted that if you prefer a little fiber in your juice, electing not to use the juicing screen is an option.

Versatility is always a bonus and if you run frozen fruits through the Omega J8007S you have natural ice cream and sorbets on tap whenever you choose. You can check out the user manual here: User Manual [pdf ] to gain an overall idea about what you can achieve by using it.

Who Should Buy this Product?

The Omega J8007S is ideal for serious juicing aficionados and anyone with a little time to spend on improving their overall health. It is also ideal for anyone who is tired of wasting a lot of natural produce from using a juicer that does not efficiently extract the juice. Excessively wet pulp means a poor juice yield and a waste of money. This will be a thing of the past when you use the Omega J8007S.

If versatility is your thing, this masticating juicer can produce other healthy foods as well, such as nut butters and milks… and of course natural fruit ice creams. High functionality and performance, as well as versatility at an excellent price, mean this juicer is a good fit for you.

Do it Yourself or Use this Product?

Making your own juice actually means using this product (or another one) and doing it yourself, as opposed to walking into a store and buying ready-made juice and ice cream. You can do this of course but you can never really be sure about what has been added to it and your choice of fruit and vegetable blends will be limited. Overall, doing it yourself and using the Omega provides a healthy alternative as well as fostering creativity in taste.

What Customers say about the Omega J8007S

Customers generally have a high opinion of the Omega juicer, realizing that a slow juicer gives them a high quality, quantity, and great-tasting juice. It doesn’t take up too much room and can handle both soft and hard fruits and vegetables. Some customers think it doesn't perform as well with soft fruits although it certainly gets the job done.

They were impressed with the machine’s efficiency in terms of increased juice yield and dry pulp. Clean-up was considered to be fast with easy disassembling, although one customer found that using the juicer itself was messy and made the overall clean-up time longer than necessary.

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Does the Omega have any Minor Downsides?

In short, yes. The Omega J8007S is not a fast machine and is not designed to be. It is a masticating juicer after all. If time is not your friend, rushed mornings waiting for fresh juice will likely not work for you. Maybe do your juicing at night perhaps?  The produce also needs to be cut up into small pieces, again adding a little time to the juicing process.

As mentioned briefly above, a downside could include mess during use, although this could be avoided by having additional receptacles readily available beside the juicer to catch any overflow of juice and pulp. It would also be sensible to learn how much produce results in full receptacles and avoid overflowed from the outset. Aside from this, the J8007S is a great juicer.

Are Competing Products worth Consideration?

Yes, always. Look at your budget and dietary needs as well as the time you have available to cash in on the benefits of the juicer. Check out the juicers below: These are just a few of the many available however the Omega J8007S is an investment in your long-term health.

To Sum it Up

The Omega J8007S is a value for your money juicer and ideal for anyone wanting to add a juicing regimen to their diet. It is a quality product and customers attest to its performance and functionality. It is suitable for beginner and experienced juicers alike and has the additional benefits of being able to turn out natural sorbets and ice creams, as well as nut milks and butters. If you are looking for a useful appliance that can turn out a variety of natural products from fresh produce, you will be sure to be pleased with the Omega J8007S juicer.

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