Juicing Tips: How to Save Time and Money

Tips to Save on Juicing

While juicing is definitely a good thing for your health, there are costs involved. Purchasing a juicer can be a costly activity as can buying large quantities of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. We’ve provided some tips for you that will help to keep the costs of juicing down as well as save you some time. save money

The Juicer

A juice extractor will be your main expense and in the interest of long term savings, it is best to avoid cheap juicers. These tend to break quickly and often do not operate efficiently which means you will end up spending more on produce and eventually replacing the juicer. However, you can still purchase the best juicer for the money without the massive price tag. Here are some tips:

  • Buy a used juicer that has been well looked after (try Craigslist or local classifieds). You can use Google alerts to receive notifications of new posts for juice extractors
  • Check department stores for coupons and/or sales
  • Always check Amazon.com for your favorite brand because they often have sales
  • Ask around your friends and family to see if anyone has a juicer they want to sell, or maybe they received an extra one as a wedding gift and want to sell the duplicate

Fruits and Vegetables

These can also be expensive but again, there are ways to keep costs down.

  • Buy locally grown seasonal produce where possible because it tends to be cheaper
  • Buy in bulk where possible from warehouses like Sam’s or Costco
  • Check your area for a farmers market and befriend a farmer who will be able to keep you up to date with current and upcoming good buys. They may also be prepared to sell ‘end of day produce’ very cheaply
  • Check your local newspaper for leads on fresh cheap produce
  • Don’t waste money buying large quantities of produce you haven’t tried before – just in case you don’t like it. Collard greens are a good example of this. Purchase a small amount first, even though it will likely be more expensive per pound. It will still be cheaper than buying a large quantity and then throwing it out because you find you don’t like it.

Save Time

If you put a little effort into produce preparation, you can actually save a lot of time when it comes to juicing. Likewise, developing routines and other procedural good habits, can also make a big difference.

  • Prepare produce before you start juicing. Try washing and chopping them the previous evening so they are ready to go for the morning.
  • Prepare the juicer – if you juice first thing in the morning, you should have prepared your juicer so it is ready to go the previous evening
  • If you plan on taking your juice with you in a container, ensure it is cleaned and ready to use.
  • If you use jars to take juice with you for the day, make sure the jars are cleaned and set out beside your juicer, all ready to go. Ditto for the lids.
  • When collecting pulp, be sure to line the pulp ejection container with a plastic bag as it will save you time having to clean it. Simply drop the bag in the trash or empty the pulp into your compost.
  • Before using the juicer, fill your sink with hot soapy water so you can place the relevant pieces of your juicer into the sink for soaking and cleaning. That way, it will be clean and ready to go for when you get home from work.


These tips will save you time and money with the additional benefit of ensuring that your juicing efforts will not be tedious. You can enjoy the health benefits of juicing without it costing you an arm and a leg.