Juicing As Part of a Weight Loss Program

Juicing and weight loss can go together beautifully if you go about it the right way. This means that instead of focusing on juicing and weight loss, you should focus on juicing as an integral part of an overall health regimen. Part of that regimen involves some physical activity, to give your metabolism a boost, as

Juicing as part of a weight loss programwell as developing and following a sustainable nutrition focused eating plan. Incorporating juicing into that plan can have some very helpful effects on your weight loss. Juicing on its own is not a good way to approach weight loss, but it has some valuable benefits which cannot be ignored when you are trying to lose weight.

Losing Weight is a Lifestyle Change

Juicing then, is part of a bigger change in your life. In terms of weight loss, it can add many nutrients to your system but without the calories associated with fats. The most important benefit is that the health of your immune system will receive a boost, which in turn will help your other systems to function at their best. Vitamins, minerals and enzymes will increase your vitality as the juices you create deliver their goodness to your immune system. Your body will burn fat a lot more efficiently if you provide it with the correct fuels.

Natural Appetite Suppressants

Juicing for weight loss will involve juicing lots of vegetables and these have the added advantage of naturally suppressing your appetite. A glass of vegetable juice, prior to eating your main meal of the day, will make you feel full naturally and therefore eat a much smaller meal portion. A glass of vegetable juice will remove any feelings of hunger.  Not only that, but you are fueling your body with a potent nutrient mix as well.

Blood Sugar Levels

You will probably have noticed that we have talked mostly about vegetable juices, rather than fruit juices. The reason for this is because of the high concentration of sugar levels that are present in fruit juice. Vegetable juices will keep your blood sugar levels stable and this is always a good thing, not to mention that they have approximately 50% less calories than fruit juices. Juice made from carrots and parsley will send sugar cravings away. It’s also a good idea to find out which fruits have the most and the least sugar, then look at possible combinations which will result in a blend which will do you the most good.

A masticating or centrifugal juicer are both great  juice machines to use if you are thinking of using juicing as a way of aiding weight loss. A masticating juicer will be a better choice if you will be juicing leafy vegetables and it will provide you with a full range of juicing options. Ensuring you juice a full range of fruits and vegetables (different colors) on a regular basis, will ensure your body is fuelled with the nutrients and energy necessary to make your body systems run optimally and assist with weight loss. It’s a fun way to approach weight loss and you will soon find which combinations of fruits and vegetables work best for you.