Juicer Comparison Guide

Juicer Comparison Guide and Key

The first step to purchasing a juicer is to decide what type of produce you will be juicing and how often you will be using your juice machine. Are you going to be juicing just simple fruits and vegetables or will you be juicing wheatgrass and leafy vegetables?  These are more difficult to juice and will determine which type of juicer you should buy. Depending on the juicer and the types of produce you plan to juice will also determine how much prep time you need to put into peeling, slicing and cutting your produce.  You will also need to consider how easy or difficult a juicer is to disassemble and clean. Counter space is another consideration, some juicers can take up a considerable amount of room and if you decide to store your juicer, be sure you can handle the weight as these are quality machines and can be quite heavy.

I would recommend purchasing a juicer from one of the major brands that receives a good number of positive reviews and has a good warranty.

The interactive chart of juicers below and the reviews on our site will help you decide what the best juicer is for you.

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Included in the Juicer Comparison Chart are 10 columns:

  • Juicer images/Brand and model – (click  on the image to view more details or to purchase)
  • Power – Wattage of the motor
  • Type of juicer – either masticating or centrifugal
  • Ease of Cleaning – How easy or difficult it is to clean the juicer after juicing
  • RPMs – Centrifugal juicers spin faster, masticating grind and turn slower
  • Juicing Capabilities – Your juicer decision should be partly based on what type of produce you plan to juice
  • Price – These are the approximate prices on Amazon.com.  These change frequently based on special promotions, availability and many more. Generally speaking:
    • $ = under $150
    • $$ = $150 to $250
    • $$$ = $250 to $350
    • $$$$ = $350 to $500
    • $$$$$=$500+
  • Read Review – Link to extensive review of juicer on this web site.
  • Visit Amazon – Link to Juicer on Amazon where you can read reviews and get pricing information.

*Click on any of the columns to sort the data to help make your decision easier

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