Juice Fasting

When people talk about juicing, there are some who see it purely as a way of fasting in order to detox and lose weight. Obviously there are many reasons to consider fresh juicing but it remains as one of the most popular ways to rid the body of toxins and lose weight. It is effective in assisting with weight loss however as with most things, the experience can be a lot better if you make the effort to find out as much as you can before starting out with juice fasts.Juice Fasting

What is a Juice Fast?

The short answer is consuming only raw fruit and vegetable juices together with water and herbal tea, non-caffeinated. The idea is that you consume these things only for a predetermined amount of time.

Some people opt for a shorter time period if they want to cleanse and detox, while others will want to extend out the time period as a way of easing into a particular diet program. Still others will want to commit to a lengthy sixty to ninety day program of juice fasting.

Benefits of Juice Fasts

Some of the benefits of juice fasting include measurable improvements in things such as sleep quality, higher levels of energy, improved skin tone as well as mental clarity. Feeling lighter is also experienced by those who finish a juice fast.

Juice Fasting Explained

A juice fast works because of the way the digestive system is allowed to rest itself from the activity of defending against toxins. Digesting raw juices requires little in the way of effort and as a result of this the digestive system can focus instead on releasing stored toxins that are essentially surrounded by fat. The shedding of fat cells which contain the toxins results in a more energetic and lighter body.

There are a few different types of cleanses and these include the cleansing of the intestines and the gall bladder. The cleansing is necessary because of dietary imbalances which rely heavily on sugar and fried foods, as well as more sedentary lifestyles and cancer causing pollutants in the air we breath and the water we drink. Not to mention the chemicals we ingest through eating processed foods and using household cleaners.

What to Expect

Part of understanding how to do a juice fast involves a high level of planning on the one hand and a high level of commitment on the other. Regardless of the reason behind your decision to undertake a juice fast, the actual doing of it will take serious planning. Unlike people who juice once per day to maintain good health, those who commit to a juice fast will be consuming nothing but juice. You will need to juice at least six times each day for the duration of your fast.

This requires planning, particularly if you go to work or are part of a family, or indeed just a highly social type of person who goes out a lot.

A Few Side Effects

You should expect possible minor digestive upsets such as diarrhea and/or constipation when you start a juice fast so it is handy to plan for this and stay close to home until things settle down and if necessary, restrict social and work obligations where necessary. If you are able to transition into your juice fast, these side effects can be minimized.

The possibility of losing sleep and changes in moods can also affect some people so keeping friends and family informed about your juice fast is always a good idea. Feeling hungry can also be an issue for some people. If you can keep a good supply of fresh fruits and vegetables on hand, including greens, you can use them while you are transitioning into your juice fast, by way of replacing solid foods in the event you find yourself feeling hungry.

The Reality

During a juice fast you will consume six 14 – 16 ounce glasses of fruit and vegetable juice for the duration of your juice fast. After transitioning, there will be no solid food at all for the duration of the fast you have committed to. It doesn’t take long to settle into it and many people report not missing solid food or feel tempted by regular food at home or elsewhere.

Embarking upon a juice fast demonstrates a significant commitment to your health. Planning and transitioning into it provides the best chances of success as well as minimization of side effects and if weight loss is the reason for your juice fasts, it won’t take long for you to see results.