The Health Benefits of Juicing Regularly

Vegetable juiceIt’s no secret that it is possible for you to juice your way to good health and there are many juicing health benefits available for the taking. For instance, you are able to provide nutrients to your body that are lacking if your diet is not balanced, or consists of heavily processed foods. However, it is important to remember that the benefits of juicing are going to be more valuable if you juice regularly.

Don’t Treat Juicing as a Fad

If you treat juicing as a fad, the benefits will be limited so it is best to make a commitment to juice regularly. Not only that, but you can increase the benefits by targeting and/or creating juicing recipes that capitalize on the health benefits of a particular fruit or vegetable whose properties are known to improve certain medical conditions, such as high blood pressure for example.

Juicing for Maintaining Good Health

This is the reason why most people get into juicing in the first place, yet if you only juice sporadically, the benefits will be minimal. For anyone whose diet is inadequate, juicing will certainly provide the necessary nutrients, conveniently in a single glass, providing protection from lifestyle illnesses and increasing vitality.

One of the main benefits of juicing fruits and vegetables relates to the way that enzymes and other nutrients are concentrated and easy for the body to absorb. This being so, maintaining a regular juicing regimen rather than an occasional one, is definitely the way to go if you are committed to maintaining good health and receiving all the juicing health benefits that are there for the taking.

Little Effort for Maximum Nutrition

If you want to draw an interesting analogy, juicing can be likened to the equivalent of ‘fast food’. For little effort, you receive a nutrient packed glass of goodness. While you keep yourself supplied with fresh fruits and vegetables, you can create ‘instant’ nutritional hits. This is worth remembering because it is the modern, busy lifestyle that often leads to a fast food diet in the first place. You can just swap out a ‘fat’ fast food hit for a ‘juicy’ fast food hit and maintaining it on a regular basis becomes easy.

Juicing for Specific Medical Conditions

If you decide to juice for this reason, then it makes sense to do it regularly. Specific fruits and vegetables are known to be helpful to certain medical conditions. For example, with vegetables, cucumber is a natural diuretic, sweet potato can help with arthritis and other inflammatory conditions, tomatoes are a powerful antioxidant, parsnips contain chromium which regulates the metabolism while turnip greens can help to lower body fat levels.

With fruits, the benefits of juicing can be tapped for treating gout with cherries, killing internal parasites with papaya seeds, slowing down prostate cancer with pomegranate juice, reducing migraines with cantaloupes, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol with figs, while you can maintain colon health with pears. Cranberries can also dissolve fat deposits. These are just a few fruits and vegetables with specific healing properties; there are many more.

Increase Effectiveness by Combining fruits and Vegetables

The effectiveness of these juicing health benefits is increased when you combine them. For example, you could create a natural diuretic and fat fighting juice by combining cucumber, asparagus, cranberries, turnip greens and plums. For colon health you could combine red and green cabbage, collard greens with pears and apples.

For type 2 diabetics, an effective combination includes blueberries and asparagus. A liver cleanse is easy when you combine parsley, beetroot and ginger root. Again, these are just a few of the effective combinations of fruits and vegetables that can help to treat various medical conditions. It’s worth remembering the ‘super foods’ as well, such as strawberries, blueberries and asparagus. There are many more, but these can be easily and quickly added to your juice recipe.

When people are regularly juicing, health benefits will follow. Juicing on a regular basis can bring your body to a state of good health as well as maintain it over the longer term. Being healthy is not something you should treat as a fad, but rather, a means to an ongoing end. Of course, always make sure you seek medical advice if you have medical conditions, however modern medicine does promote eating and/or drinking fruits and vegetables as a means of facilitating good health.

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