DeLonghi DJE950 Die-cast Juice Extractor Review

DeLonghi DJE950
DeLonghi DJE950

The DeLonghi DJE950 Juice Extractor is a centrifugal juicer that has proven to be popular with customers because of its desirable features. Unlike many juicers, the DeLonghi juicer has a high juice yield with dry pulp. It also operates relatively quietly due to the inclusion of a powerful induction motor.

It’s fast and can extract one quart of juice in approximately one minute, which is great if you are juicing for more than one person. The combined effects of a stainless steel centrifuge, as well as blades and a sieve means that pulp is quickly and easily separated from the juice. An outer screen collects the pulp during the extraction process and it can be easily and quickly removed for emptying into the trash.

The large feed chute is popular with customers due to the time saving factor as it allows for whole fruits to be inserted without the need for chopping and prepping. Safety is also a priority and the machine will not operate unless the container and juicing blade are correctly in place.

Features of the DeLonghi DJE950

Design – an attractive and powerful centrifugal juicer that is known for its efficient performance within an overall compact design
Motor – is powerful yet not loud due to the special induction aspects of the motor. This feature is popular with customers who do not like the loud operation of most juicers of this type.
Juice Yield – is high when compared to other centrifugal type juicers that typically feature a wet pulp, indicating all the liquid has not been extracted. The DeLonghi takes approximately one minute to extract one quart of juice, leaving behind a dry pulp.
Pulp – is dry and collects on an outer screen. The screen is easy to remove as is the pulp which falls away when the screen is tapped over the top of a trash container. Blades and a sieve are also used to separate juice and pulp.
Centrifuge – is made from durable stainless steel which aids in providing fast juice extraction
Feed Chute – is large enough to take whole apples, pears and larger fruits. Customers love this feature as it cuts down on prep time.
Efficient – can produce a quart of juice in one minute and again, the time saving factor is popular with customers.
Noise Level – compared to most juicers, the DeLonghi juicer operates reasonably quietly as a result of the induction motor
Ease of Operation – user friendly and easy to use according to customers
Cleaning – is also easy with easy to remove parts that are also dishwasher-safe.


Measures: 9.4 x 9.4 x 15.8 inches
Weighs: 10 pounds
Item No: DJE950
Warranty: 1 Year

DeLonghi DJE950
DeLonghi Juicer

What’s Great About the DeLonghi DJE950?

  • Large feed chute so no need for excessive chopping and prep
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Price is reasonable
  • Excellent juice yield
  • Pulp is dry
  • Powerful
  • Looks attractive on a kitchen countertop
  • Doesn’t make too much noise
  • Extracts juice quickly
  • More efficient than other centrifugal juicers

What’s Not so Great

  • Not so good for leafy greens
  • Pulp accumulation can throw the juicer out of balance

Customer Feedback and Reviews

The DeLonghi DJE950 Juicer received average reviews from customers. Things they like about it included its efficient performance, quiet operation, high juice yield compared to other centrifugal type juicers as well as general ease of use and easy clean up. The average review rating has been reduced because one customer was wanting to juice oranges, which is best done with a citrus juicer and another customer received a broken juicer. To read more about what customers had to say, you can read their reviews here.

Recommendation – Cautious

The DeLonghi Die-cast Juice Machine is available from Amazon and you can check for the lowest price here. A few customer’s juicers were not up to par to start with, most customers are pleased with the efficient performance of this centrifugal juicer from DeLonghi. Customers feel they receive value for their money and that the juicer works well and is easy to use and clean. Based on customer feedback we are cautious to recommend the DeLonghi juicer.

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